Microsoft Launches New Internet Explorer Ad, Puts Focus on Privacy – Video

“We take our responsibilities for protecting your privacy very seriously,” the firm says

Microsoft has just launched a new Internet Explorer campaign that puts the focus on users’ privacy, thus trying to emphasize once again that the company is betting big on this particular feature of its browser.

As you know, Internet Explorer 10, the tech giant’s latest browser released together with Windows 8, comes with Do Not Track turned on by default, a feature that made privacy advocates across the world applaud Microsoft.

“Very few of us believe that sharing some personal data online is a bad thing. It’s part of our everyday routines to fill out profiles, login to sites, and oftentimes provide personal information like our credit card or phone numbers in order to take advantage of all the web has to offer. In fact, the more personal and relevant the web gets, the better it can get,” Microsoft explained.

“We want to help people learn more about the tools and technologies Microsoft provides that give them have greater control over personal information as they browse the web and use their favorite Microsoft devices. As part of this, we’re also launching an advertising campaign to kick start awareness and conversation.”

Even though Microsoft had been criticized for its decision to keep DNT turned on by default in IE10, the company has pledged to protect users’ privacy, therefore it has no intention to change the original settings.

“Providing customers with the tools and technology that allow you to have more choice and control is something Microsoft has been doing for quite some time, and today’s products like Internet Explorer, Windows, Xbox, and make it easier to manage and control your privacy,” Microsoft continued.

While it’s not yet clear whether Microsoft is planning to keep DNT turned on by default in future Internet Explorer versions as well, the company is already making the final adjustments to IE11, the new browser build that’s likely to see daylight this summer together with Windows 8.1.

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