Microsoft Launches Bing Rewards for Android/iOS, Windows Phone Coming Soon

Users will earn 1 credit for every 2 searches they complete, up to 10 credits

Microsoft’s Bing Rewards program has just made the jump on mobiles. Previously only available on desktop, the application can now be downloaded on Android and iOS platforms.

Odd enough, Microsoft’s Windows Phone won’t be getting the Bing Rewards application yet, but the Redmond-based company has promised that it will make it available for its own platform soon.

Those who are already using the program on desktop will find that the mobile application features a new exclusive search offer that provides them with the opportunity to earn additional credits on their phones.

With Bing Rewards, users will be able to “earn credits by searching every day and then redeem them for great rewards including gift cards from top brands such as, Xbox, Skype, Fandango, and Dominos or donate your credits to a local school or charity of your choice.”

Newcomers will have to sign into Bing Rewards on their mobile phone using their Microsoft or Facebook accounts. Every time one would complete two Bing searches, they will earn 1 credit, up to 10 credits per day.

For the time being, Android and iOS users can only redeem rewards via Bing Rewards redemption center on the PC, but Microsoft has confirmed that it will be “adding the ability to redeem your credit balance in the mobile version of the redemption center so you can redeem and easily use digital gift cards and coupons when you’re on the go.”

The Redmond-based company has also stated that this is just the “first step” and that Bing Rewards users should expect more updates in the coming months.

Keep in mind that Bing Rewards is only available in a few countries, so don’t bother downloading it if it doesn’t show in your Google Play application.

Even if you manage to download the application regardless of your location, you can’t redeem any rewards unless you are living in a country where the service is available (e.g. United States).

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