Microsoft Issues Statement on WhatsApp Removal, Still No ETA

The company asks fans to be patient, while WhatsApp fixes all issues

If you are an ex-Android or iOS user who recently switched to Windows Phone, you most likely don’t have WhatsApp installed on your new device.

The situation applies to those who brought their smartphones to initial factory settings due to various reasons, as well as to those who had their Windows Phone devices sent to services for repairs.

Since WhatsApp Messenger has been removed from Windows Phone Store without any warnings, developers did not issue even a single official statement.

Microsoft was the only one that confirmed it was working together with WhatsApp to fix all the issues in the Windows Phone application, but no estimated release date has been given.

Many Windows Phone users upset that they couldn’t download WhatsApp are now threatening to switch to another operating system, even though Microsoft does not seem to be the culprit here.

Well, it looks like the Redmond-based company is back with yet another short official statement that doesn’t really say anything about when WhatsApp will be back in Windows Phone Store.

The statement has been posted by one of Microsoft’s forum moderators and you can read the entire post below:

“We’re listening, and understand you are eager to have Whatsapp returned to the Store. At this time, I don't have a specific timeline to share beyond the following statement from Microsoft:

“WhatsApp chose to unpublish their app from the Windows Phone Store after discovering an issue with how notifications are being handled on Windows Phone 8, Update 3. We are working closely with WhatsApp to resolve the issue quickly. Thank you for your patience and sorry for the inconvenience.

“We know it is taking longer than expected to find a solution and make WhatsApp available again. However, quality is a top priority for Microsoft and WhatsApp and we want to get it right. Rest assured, we understand your concerns and are working together with urgency on a resolution.”

It’s unclear why WhatsApp removed the application from the store, even though Windows Phone 8 users did not seem to have any issues with it.

This is not the first time the application gets removed from an application store, but it surely is the longest. Windows Phone fans seem to be angry at WhatsApp not communicating with its users rather than at the application still missing from Windows Phone Store.

What do you think about Microsoft’s recent statement? Are you willing to wait a few more weeks until, hopefully, WhatsApp gets republished on Windows Phone Store, or you have already decided to switch to other platforms?

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