Microsoft Is the Latest Victim in Watering Hole Attack

There's no evidence to suggest that data has been compromised

Microsoft is the latest major company to report that a limited number of its computers, including ones in the Mac business unit, have been infected with malware.

The organization has found no evidence to indicate that any data has been compromised in the incident.

Apple and Facebook both said their employees’ devices became infected with malware after they had visited the iPhone Dev SDK developer forum, which confirmed that its systems had been compromised.

Microsoft hasn’t provided any technical details regarding the incident. However, considering that the company compared the breach to the ones that affected Facebook and Apple, it’s safe to assume that a Java browser plug-in vulnerability was exploited in the attack.

Security researcher Eric Romang, who has been investigating the watering hole attack, has found that some of the malicious domains used in the operation were registered almost one year ago.

Experts have revealed that the watering hole attack might have affected hundreds of organizations, including defense contractors.

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