Microsoft Is Yet to Reveal the Real Surface Windows 8 Pro Storage Space

“System software uses significant storage space,” the company says

The Surface Pro will go on sale on February 9 in two different versions, with 64 GB and 128 GB of storage space, but without a Touch Cover.

Even though 128 GB would seem to be quite a lot of storage space, keep in mind that the new Surface tablet runs Windows 8 Pro, so the operating system and the available apps take a lot of space.

Microsoft is yet to reveal the real storage capacity of the Surface Windows 8 Pro as its storage FAQ page still displays information on the RT version exclusively, but more details are very likely to be provided anytime soon.

The Windows 8 Pro system requirements website reveals that the operating system needs up to 20 GB of hard disk space, so the device would come with 44 GB and 108 GB of storage if we don’t take the other apps and the reserved space into account.

The 64 GB Surface RT, for example, has only 45 GB of available storage, according to Microsoft as Windows RT, Office Home & Student and the built-in apps eat up approximately 8 GB.

The Surface Windows 8 Pro, on the other hand, doesn’t come with a copy of Office 2013, in an attempt to keep the price down, but also to provide increased storage capacity.

Even though the company is yet to update its storage FAQ, Microsoft has posted notifications regarding the available space on the Surface Windows 8 Pro tablet on its main pages, just to make sure users know that Windows 8 and the other apps take up a lot of space.

“System software uses significant storage space; your storage capacity will be less,” the notification reads.

Microsoft is probably trying to avoid negative comments regarding its advertising practices for the Surface tablet as the company was even sued over misleading ads concerning the Surface RT storage capacity.

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