Microsoft Is Reportedly Testing Its Own Windows Phone 8 Handset

The phone is said to be the Juggernaut Alpha that emerged a while back

Microsoft has been long rumored to plan the release of its own device powered by the Windows Phone 8 platform, and some more evidence on the matter has reportedly emerged online.

The handset, supposedly set to arrive on shelves as the Surface phone, has been already rumored for the next year, although Microsoft is already hard at work with its development.

According to the recent reports on the matter, the handset would be the same Juggernaut Alpha device that emerged in benchmarks several months ago with the new Windows Phone 8 platform on board.

The same mobile phone has been now spotted in the logs of a Windows Phone application called PersianType.

The app provides users with a Persian language virtual keyboard, and appears to have been already installed on a Juggernaut Alpha unit at Microsoft.

Featuring platform version 8.0.900.0, the handset accessed the app from the IP address, which can be traced back straight to Redmond, WA, United States, where Microsoft has its headquarters.

Since nothing has been officially confirmed on this device as of now, we should take this with a grain of salt, for it might prove to be merely a rumor in the end.

However, with a wide range of rumors on Microsoft’s plans for a Surface phone already on the web, there is a slight chance that the supposition will pan out.

Microsoft’s own Windows Phone 8 device might end up being for the mobile OS what the Surface tablet is expected to be for Windows 8, namely a new way of showcasing the features and capabilities of the platform.

With Windows Phone currently slowly gaining some ground on the smartphone market, it wouldn’t come as a surprise at all if Microsoft indeed released its own handset, so as to speed up adoption. Hopefully, it won’t be too long before more on this is unveiled, so stay tuned.


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