Microsoft Is Here to “Sell, Sell, Sell” – Steve Ballmer

Company CEO claims Microsoft’s Stores sell products that help Microsoft make money

Microsoft has already sold 40 million copies of Windows 8 and (probably) a record number of Surface tablets, but CEO Steve Ballmer wants the Redmond-based technology company to sell even more in the next months.

He says that it’s crucial for Microsoft to sell the products that help it make more money, including Windows 8 computers, Windows phones and tablets.

“With 31 stores, we are driving ahead vigorously and we are there to sell, sell, sell! Help, help, help! And through help, sell more!” he said during the annual Microsoft shareholders meeting.

Although it’s slowly migrating towards a devices and services company, Microsoft has to remain profitable, so it’s willing to help consumers as much as possible. This helps it sell more products, Steve Ballmer explained.

“We have a bunch of people bringing in non-PCs that they didn't buy in our stores. Great, we will fix them, because we have people with great experience with Windows. People bring in non-Windows devices and we say great, we will help you fix them,” Ballmer explained.

“But remember, we are right here, the next time the Windows device will be a greater solution for you. So it's not real complicated. It's about selling. We make a good profit on every device we sell.”

According to sources familiar with the matter, Microsoft is planning to expand its store strategy in Europe too, as the company is planning to focus more on the hardware market and launch new devices in both the United States and on the Old Continent.

London appears to be the first city to get a Microsoft Store in 2013, as rumors are now suggesting that this expansion strategy could help the Redmond-based technology giant prepare for the launch of a smartphone device reportedly scheduled for early next year.

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