Microsoft Innovators Take “Be What’s Next” Mantra to Heart

Microsoft Next is an internal company competition set to introduce its innovators to the world, with 30 projects already selected as representative of members of the “Global Microsoft Next.”

It’s clear that the software giant’s employees have taken the new “Be What’s Next” mantra at heart, with some of them acting on it even before the company adopted it as a motto.

Unveiled earlier this year by Jean-Philippe Courtois, President of Microsoft International, Microsoft Next brings into the spotlight innovative work done inside the company that benefits customers and partners directly.

“I launched this program in February 2011 to showcase the impact people throughout the company are having on customers and partners through innovation every day. Today, 30 individuals have been recognized as members of the “Global Microsoft Next”,” Courtois reveals.

The initiative welcomed video submissions from employees describing their innovative efforts, with all the winning entries now available for the public.

“Microsoft’s Next program represents some of the best work directly impacting Microsoft’s customers and partners around the globe. I was inspired by these 30 winners, and I am honored to share their work through this initiative,” Courtois adds.

While I’m being subjective, I must say that the All-In-One Code Framework a project fathered by Jialiang Ge, support engineer 2 with Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) Community Support is one of the top projects out of the 30 winners.

Watch the second video embedded below in order to get an idea of what the All-In-One Code Framework is about, and if you’re a developer visit the project’s site on CodePlex, you’re guaranteed to find it useful in your work.

At the same time, there are a lot of extremely interesting projects from Microsoft employed highlighted in the videos submitted for the Microsoft Next competition. Head over to the Microsoft Showcase site to watch all the program’s entries.

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