Microsoft Hints at Possible Full-Featured Surface Laptop

Company executives confirmed that more Surface products were in the works

Microsoft now has two different Surface-branded products on sale, but it may seem like the company is working on some new devices that could be released in just a few months.

Panos Panay, head of the Surface division, said in an interview with ABC News that some new Surface products were expected to be released in the near future, but he refused to comment on the possibility to see a full-featured laptop going live this year.

“It will take some time for the product [the Surface Pro] to adopt. This is a good marathon for us, we are pretty excited about the short term and the long term. When you ask if you are making a laptop or a notebook, we have a pretty good selection of things we have been working on. It's pretty exciting,” Panay was quoted as saying in the interview.

Mike Angiulo, Microsoft's corporate vice president for Windows Planning, explained that the Redmond-based technology titan was still looking into the classic laptop form factor, which means that a Surface-branded notebook could see daylight at some point.

Of course, it would run Windows 8, just like the Surface Pro tablet, but it could also bring a larger display and a bunch of new accessories.

“Our partners are doing a very good job with laptops right now. We started thinking at the beginning at Windows 8, what is something that someone isn't going to be able to come out with? The notebook form factor is alive and well, we are just working with partners on those,” Angiulo said.

This isn’t the first time when Microsoft is rumored to work on a Surface laptop. Back in November, it had emerged that a 14.6-inch device dubbed Surface Book was under development, with Microsoft planning to launch it sometime this year.

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