Microsoft Helps Save 8,000 Trees Each Year by Using 100% Recycled Paper

Microsoft’s green initiatives span from its datacenter designs to features built into its software products, and across mundane company operations.

The latest eco-friendly initiative from the software giant is designed to help save no less than 8,000 trees per year, and involves switching to 100% recycled paper.

The move will impact all of Microsoft’s Puget Sound facilities, including its Redmond headquarters, and will be done in partnership with a local company, Grays Harbor Paper of Hoquiam.

In the coming months, the Redmond company will replace its current printing stock which leverages recycled material up to 30%, with fully recycled paper.

“Although we have always encouraged our employees to use paper resources efficiently and limit waste, this alliance enables us to conserve resources and reduce waste at a larger, corporate scale while at the same time allowing us to invest in our local economy,” revealed Rob Bernard, chief environmental strategist, Microsoft.

Preserving 8,000 trees per year translates into reducing the carbon footprint with Microsoft estimating savings 2,500 million BTUs in net energy (750 million pounds of carbon dioxide) annually.

At the same time, the software giant plans to expand the usage of 100% recycled paper beyond its Puget Sound operations.

In the next three months, Microsoft will replace the printing stock of all U.S. facilities with 100% recycled material.

“Not only will this alliance raise revenue and create jobs, but it will help drive awareness that the products a company uses on a day-to-day basis don’t have to be in conflict with overall sustainability goals, and that is among the greatest values for us in working with a company like Microsoft,” added Patrick Quigg, president of Grays Harbor Paper.

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