Microsoft Gives Advice on How to Troubleshoot Windows 8 Apps

Here’s what to do in case you have problems running Windows 8 apps

It appears that more and more users are encountering major problems when trying to run Windows 8 apps after upgrading from Windows 7, so Microsoft has decided to roll out some instructions on how to fix most of these issues.

Microsoft’s support forums are full of questions regarding Windows 8 errors, with some users pointing out that Windows Update fails to deploy specific patches.

Many reports, however, claim that Windows 8 apps do not work after upgrading from Windows 7, so here’s what Microsoft recommends you to do in order to solve the issues.

First, in case you’re running a third-party anti-virus software, you could try uninstalling and reinstalling the application. This way, the anti-virus app may reset its configuration and allow Windows 8 apps to launch.

If this simple step doesn’t fix the problems, you may want to download the Apps troubleshooter, a small utility that automatically finds and fixes problems on your Windows 8 computer.

Last but not least, “If one or more of your Windows 8 apps contain an ‘X’ on the app tile on the Start screen and won't open, try uninstalling and reinstalling one of the apps from the Windows Store,” Rob Margel of Microsoft explains.

As said, more and more consumers seem to be disappointed with Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system and according to reports, the same feeling is also shared by some Redmondians.

Although CEO Steve Ballmer previously said that Windows 8 sold more than 4 million upgrades in just a single weekend following its debut, it appears that sales of the new OS are actually less optimistic.

Microsoft blames the collapsing PC industry for Windows 8’s slow sales, suggesting that the lack of Windows 8 devices is also affecting its new software. The PC market, however, is expected to post a moderate recovery in 2013, so analysts forecast that Windows 8 could take off in just a few months.

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