Microsoft Finalizes Nook Joint Venture, Microsoft Reader Possibly Coming

The two companies formed a venture called Nook Media LLC

Microsoft’s strategic partnership with Barnes & Noble for the creation of Nook Media LLC was completed today, with the Redmond-based technology firm to invest a total of $300 million (€230 million).

While it’s very clear that Microsoft will financially support some of the future projects developed by Barnes & Noble, it’s not yet known what exactly Microsoft will get from the deal. Aside from a Windows 8 app, that is.

Barnes & Noble has already confirmed that it would launch a Nook reading application for Windows 8, but it is rumored that the company may also be interested in the cloud services developed by the Redmondians.

“NOOK Media is a leader in developing the next generation of digital reading and we look forward to the company bringing one of the world’s largest digital libraries to Windows 8 devices via their upcoming Windows 8 app,” said Andy Lees, president at Microsoft.

Once again, a potential Microsoft Reader is also brought in the spotlight, although a Windows-based Nook has very slight chances to see daylight this year.

Microsoft however didn’t deny rumors that such a project could be developed next year, so in case a Microsoft Reader will see daylight, it won’t happen before mid-2013.

“As demand for digital content continues to increase, we are focused on bringing ground-breaking reading and learning content and technologies to more people in more formats than ever before, including the imminent launch of our exceptional NOOK reading application for Windows 8,” said William Lynch, CEO of Barnes & Noble.

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