Microsoft Files for “Windows Mod” Trademark

Redmond has recently filed for several new trademarks based on the word “Mod”

Microsoft has secretly filed for some new trademarks, in an attempt to protect some of its future projects that are likely to see daylight in just a few years.

While no specifics are available at this point, Neowin has come across several new trademark filings in the United States that are based on the word “Mod” and that could be the first obvious sign that Redmond is preparing something new for the Windows product family in the next couple of years.

At this point, Microsoft has filed for trademark rights to “Microsoft Mod,” “Windows Mod,” “Office Mod,” “Microsoft Office Mod,” and the term “Mo,d” which defines “Computer operating system software; computer software; computer hardware; computer peripherals; computer accessories; mobile computing devices; (and) mobile communication devices,” according to papers published by the US Patent and Trademark Office.

As mentioned, there are no details regarding the projects that Microsoft might be preparing in the coming years, but the term “Mod” could actually be an abbreviation for “Modern,” a designation that Redmond has been using since Windows 8 got to see daylight.

The first think that comes to mind when hearing about “Windows Mod” is a potential Windows Modern version that would be specifically aimed at tablets and would only include the Metro interface.

According to recent rumors, Microsoft is planning to launch several versions of a so-called Windows Threshold OS update that would include builds specifically developed for tablets and desktop PCs.

While the latter would come with a Start Menu to make the desktop easier to use for everyone, the first one would be based on the touch-based Metro UI and would target tablet buyers.

Of course, nothing is confirmed so far, so we should take all these details with a pinch of salt until 2014, when Microsoft is expected to provide more information on its future Windows releases.

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