Microsoft Exec Raps in Very Strong Language

Geek during the day, rapper at night, Michael Angiulo knows how to party

Microsoft makes the most popular operating system out there, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that it employs only a bunch of geeks that dream lines of codes all night long.

In fact, it does employ plenty of geeks (and we respect them from the core of our hearts), but some of them really know how to party.

Michael Angiulo is one of the guys we’d definitely love to meet after the birthday party he had at a Seattle bar. According to TMZ, Mike and Too Short, a local (famous) rapper, got on stage and rapped in a very strong language.

It seems like Mike’s wife is the one responsible for the wild party, as she agreed to pay around $25,000 to bring the rapper, apparently Mike’s hero, on stage with her husband.

What’s more interesting is that this video reached the web the same day when Microsoft released pricing for the eagerly-awaited Surface tablet which, in case you missed the announcement, starts from $499 (€380).

Surprisingly, this isn’t the first time when Microsoft and rappers make the headlines. Together, that is.

Last month, rapper Machine Gun Kelly was kicked out of a Microsoft store because he jumped on a table full of expensive equipment to sing one of his latest hits. Although he was asked by the store staff to stop his performance, MGK actually thought it was way cooler to flip the bird and continue singing.

His microphone was eventually cut off by Microsoft’s employees, while police waited outside to have a private conversation with the otherwise peaceful rapper.

Because of the strong language, we cannot embed the video here, but you can always watch it over at TMZ.

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