Microsoft Doesn’t Care About Users, All It Wants Is Money, Say Angry WLM Fans

Users still do not agree with Microsoft’s plan to kill WLM

Microsoft goes on with its plan to shut down Windows Live Messenger and force all users to either move to Skype or completely abandon the platform.

But WLM fans are still angry with Microsoft’s decision and criticize the company for not listening to its users when it comes to its Messenger platform.

A thread started on the official Microsoft support forums has led to a new wave of criticism aimed at the Redmond-based software company, with some users claiming they’re ready to dump Microsoft’s Messenger services completely.

“I am sorry, but Microsoft should never discontinue Messenger. There are many people who do not like Skype (as well as many that do not like MSN Messenger). So, give us a chance to choose which one to use,” a WLM fan said in a post on the forums.

“I already decided to use Yahoo! Messenger, because of this merge w/Skype (which is a huge mistake). I hope Bill [Gates] change his mind once a dramatic drop on MSN Messenger/Skype use happens. Me?, I'm gone from that Microsoft/Skype bubble...gone to Yahoo! Messenger,” another user stated.

Others, however, criticized the software company for its attempts to monetize Skype, saying that Microsoft doesn’t care about its users.

“Microsoft does NOT care about their customers’ opinions, all they care about is THE MONEY,” a WLM user posted.

Sadly for Microsoft, the number of users who actually agree with its decision to kill WLM is extremely small, even though the company struggles to convince everyone that the Skype platform is actually a lot better.

Windows Live Messenger will be retired on March 15, but the Messenger service will still be available, so choosing a third-party instant messaging client that supports this protocol is one of the ways to avoid switching to Skype.

Many instant messaging clients are already up for grabs on Softpedia, so check out the list here.

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