Microsoft Developing Smartwatch That Works with iPhones and Android, Due in 2014

Redmond continues its plans to step in the wearables market

We already knew that Microsoft is developing its own smartwatch, but according to a new report, the company is now giving the project the final tweaks before launching it sometime this year.

These news come via Forbes who writes that Microsoft's future smartwatch won't work only with Windows Phones, but also with iPhones and Android phones.

While that's a bit surprising, it's living proof that Redmond is actually trying to target a wider customer segment, and not only those who previous purchased a Microsoft device. This would obviously give it a better chance against Samsung and Apple, both of which are developing their own smartwatches as we speak.

Another interesting fact about the smartwatch is that it's going to borrow some tech from the Xbox Kinect division in order to be capable of monitoring the heart rate throughout the day and night. This is particularly helpful because the device would then provide graphs and stats that would allow professionals to analyze data and determine health or sleep problems, sources say.

A small touch screen, which Forbes say could be the size of half of a stick of gum, will be attached to a removable wristband. As compared to the classic watches, however, Microsoft is actually planning to position the display inside of the wearer's wrist.

Again, that might sound very uncanny, but the software giant apparently came to the conclusion that this particular configuration would allow the wearer not only to view his notifications easier, but also to keep them private, away from the eyes of those surrounding him.

At this point, there are no details as to what the watch is going to look like, but sources pointed out that a design similar to the Samsung Gear Fit is very likely to be available. And still, if all these details prove to be true, there's no doubt that Microsoft's smartwatch will be more advanced than the devices currently on the market.

Nobody knows for sure whether Microsoft is working to install Windows on this new device, but given the fact that the company wants “Windows everywhere,” as its high-profile executives said with several occasions, a stripped down version of the operating system could also be offered. Windows RT might again come in handy as it would allow extended battery life.

And speaking of battery, it appears that Microsoft is working to make the smartwatch work for two days with a single charge. It's pretty difficult to tell whether the 2-day autonomy would be offered with all features turned on, but again, the optimizations that Microsoft makes to the software powering the device are essential.

This isn't the first time when Microsoft is rumored to be working on a smartwatch, but until now no clear specifics have been provided. What's more, the company also had another attempt at the wearables market called SPOT (Smart Personal Object Technology) that allowed the wearer to access news, stock data, and weather forecasts via a technology based on FM radio signals.

Of course, Redmond refused to comment on these details, but expect more information to surface in the coming weeks, as we get closer to a potential release date.

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