Microsoft Details Anti-Hackers Windows 8 Security Tools

The company promises to “go into great detail” on each security feature of the new OS

Windows 8 has been deemed the most secure operating system on the market, as it features a wide array of improvements over its predecessor.

But despite all these security enhancements, a Nokia engineer has recently published a tutorial on how to crack Windows 8 applications, while hackers have found a way to activate the operating system at no cost.

Microsoft told us in a statement that it has taken several security measures to protect Windows 8 users, but the company has never talked in detail about these improvements.

“We have taken a variety of extra measures to help harden Windows 8,” a Microsoft spokesperson said.

With security remaining one of the main concerns nowadays, the Redmond-based technology titan has decided to publish a blog post to discuss some of the investment the company has made in Windows 8 security. And more such posts will follow in the next months, Microsoft’s Stella Chernyak said.

At this point, we do know for sure that Microsoft engineers have worked on Windows 8’s ability to deal with malware that can compromise the core operating system and anti-malware components, according to Chernyak.

What’s more, the company has tried to tackle the high cost of deploying, using and managing strong multifactor authentication and to deal with challenges of managing access control in dynamic and constantly changing environments.

Windows 8 is thus capable of providing better security against malware, with Windows Defender now a full-featured anti-virus solution included in every edition of the operating system.

BitLocker and BitLocker to Go, the company’s encryption solutions, are also part of Microsoft’s new Windows iteration.

“With Windows 8, security remains a high priority investment area and with it we’ve delivered a broad range of new capabilities that address the top security needs and threats that you’re facing today,” Chernyak explained.

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