Microsoft Details the Online Backup Service for Windows Server “8”

The company proposes a new solution for backing up data in the cloud

One of the features that Microsoft’s upcoming Windows Server codenamed 8 will arrive with is the Microsoft Online Backup Service.

It was meant to deliver a fast and secure solution for backing up various files and folders into the cloud, so that they would be safe from on-premises disaster.

While many are still skeptical when it comes to putting their data into the cloud, the new feature proposed by Microsoft can be used only for keeping a backup of files available in the cloud for emergency situations.

Basically, the company proposes a dual approach: you will have your files backed up both on local machines, and into the cloud, for extra safety.

Gaurav Gupta, a senior program manager on Microsoft’s Cloud Backup team, explains in a recent blog post that this is exactly the main idea behind offering the new Online Backup Service with the upcoming Windows Server release.

“The Microsoft Online Backup Service is a cloud based backup solution for Windows Server “8” which allows files and folders to be backed up and recovered from the cloud in order to provide off-site protection against data loss due to disasters,” Gaurav Gupta explains.

“The service provides IT administrators with the option to back up and protect critical data in an easily recoverable way from any location with no upfront hardware cost or resources other than an Internet connection.”

The new service was built using the Windows Azure platform, and takes advantage of that Microsoft product for storing customers’ data.

“Windows Server “8” uses the downloadable Microsoft Online Backup Agent to transfer file and folder data securely and efficiently to the Microsoft Online Backup Service. Once installed, the Microsoft Online Backup Agent exposes its functionality through the familiar Windows Server Backup interface,” Gupta continues.

On the said blog post, he also explains how the Online Backup can be set up, and also presents some of the main features that the service can provide.

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