Microsoft Debuts New Internet Explorer 9 TV Commercial

It celebrates almost one year of "more beautiful web"

Internet Explorer 9, the browser that, in Microsoft’s opinion, opened the gates to a more beautiful web, has just got a new video ad to showcase its main capabilities.

Microsoft has been long touting the great features and performance capabilities that the Internet Explorer 9 browser can deliver to all users.

The new video ad for the browser is based on the work and inspiration of two renowned artists, namely Keith Rivers, a Seattle-based filmmaker, and Alex Clare, a British singer-songwriter.

To come up with this clip, Microsoft teamed with a series of people with a “passion towards celebrating the artists who are helping to unleash a more beautiful web,” Ryan Gavin, general manager, Internet Explorer, notes.

The spot “features the work of Keith Rivers, a Seattle-based filmmaker who became part of our team for this project, and Alex Clare, a British singer-songwriter, whose music has been on repeat in our cars and offices for the past two months,” he continues.

Microsoft’s new TV commercial for the browser features Alex Clare’s new hit “Too Close,” from his debut album, “The Lateness of the Hour.” You can learn more on the artist through Microsoft’s website.

Internet Explorer 9 is roughly one year old, but it is already the most used browser on computers running under Microsoft’s Windows 7 platform.

Along with the browser, Microsoft launched the idea of unleashing a more beautiful web, and its marketing efforts regarding the application have been in line with it.

“It’s been fun and sometimes pretty dazzling to see what designers, developers, and artists have created over the past year. IE9 with Windows 7 really did mark a departure from the past in so many ways,” Ryan Gavin continues.

“It has allowed developers to transform the web we all love into something that is rich, fast, and more creative than any of us could have imagined when we started this journey. It has been a pretty inspiring year, and yet in many ways, the best is yet to come.”

Today, Microsoft is inviting you to have a look at the new TV commercial and to expect a more beautiful web to come your way. For that, of course, you’ll need to download the Internet Explorer 9 browser, available on Softpedia too, via this link.

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