Microsoft Cribs, Pimping It Out Geek Style

With Steve Berkowitz

If you think that music stars and celebrities from the movie industry live large, then you obviously are not aware of the geek style of Microsoft top executives. In the images that accompany this article you can feast your eyes on the home of Steve Berkowitz, Senior Vice President of the Online Services Group. Now in all fairness, Berkowitz announced his divorce from Microsoft on February 14, but he will stay with the company throughout August 2008 in order to transition his responsibilities, after the model of Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates. So in this regard, Berkowitz still qualifies as a top executive with the Redmond company and his home as a Microsoft crib.

Berkowitz's house in Medina Washington is featured in the new issue of "425," a magazine focused on Seattle region's Eastside. At Microsoft, Berkowitz is still responsible for "the marketing, sales and business development related to Microsoft's online services, including and Windows Live," reveals the executive's official bio. Namely Berkowitz leads the largely unprofitable online division of the company. Before coming to Microsoft, Berkowitz was Chief Executive Officer of

In Medina, Washington, Berkowitz, along with wife Carol and two children enjoy a five bedrooms home that came with a price tag of about $4 million. The house is complete with a luxury spa bathroom, a gourmet kitchen, a wine cellar and of course a geek's dream of a media room. In total, the home offers no less than a 7,2000-foot space.

Initially, the couple had planned to build their dream house in Northern California. Carol almost debuted the work on their dream home when Berkowitz got his new gig at Microsoft. The plans were simply shifted around to include Medina. No detail, however minute, was left to chance, starting from the spice rack and ending with the warmed up tile around the tub and in the bathroom. "He leaves his pants there," Carol said as cited by SeattlePI. "At first I thought he was just being lazy ... but he likes to warm his clothes."


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