Microsoft Confirms Windows 8 Upgrade Issues for PayPal Users

Affected users should contact the Microsoft Support operators, the company recommends

Microsoft has just confirmed that some of the consumers who are trying to purchase a Windows 8 upgrade key via PayPal may experience several problems, so all affected users are recommended to contact the Support operators as soon as possible.

Windows 8 buyers are complaining on the Microsoft support forums that the Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant crashes after making the payment and they get charged without actually receiving a product key for the acquired software.

Calling Microsoft doesn’t help, some of the users have said, so contacting PayPal to get a refund is the only available solution.

“Purchased via Paypal. Then it crashed. Called Microsoft got transferred couple times no one helped. They have no records of the transaction. I am going to contact Paypal to get refund. I am done with Windows 8. I will stick to 7. I am VERY disappointed,” user thorien wrote.

Microsoft claims this isn’t a widespread issue and all those affected are recommended to contact the Support operators in order to get a refund or have the Windows 8 product key re-sent to them.

“While we aren’t seeing this as a widespread issue, some customers are experiencing problems when they purchase the Windows 8 Upgrade via PayPal. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. If customers are charged more than once, they can contact Microsoft Support operators to get help. The support operators can process refunds and also resend the product key if needed,” a Microsoft spokesperson told us.

Some of the users, however, point out that calling Microsoft doesn’t make any difference and getting a refund “is extremely hard.”

“I will have to use PayPal or my credit card company to obtain a refund from Microsoft. I also used the telephone service. This was really poor. I was stuck on the phone for a very long time, and then was hang up on,” another user explained.

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