Microsoft Claims It Fixed the Surface Wi-Fi Bug, Users Say It Didn’t

Patch Tuesday fixes also included an update to address the Wi-Fi bugs, Microsoft said

Microsoft’s very own Surface RT tablet is currently affected by a bunch of issues, including a Wi-Fi connectivity bug that blocks owners from connecting to wireless networks.

Several users have reported either limited or no connectivity at all, so everybody was calling for Microsoft to release a patch or at least a workaround that addresses the flaw.

Microsoft says it has already fixed the bug with the Patch Tuesday updates released on December 11, despite consumers’ complaints that the Wi-Fi issue still persists after deploying these patches.

“Updated Wi-Fi drivers that address limited connectivity were made available through Windows Update with the December 11th update for Surface RT. Please try this Windows Update prior to any additional troubleshooting steps mentioned here,” Tim Hogg, a Surface team member, said on the Microsoft support forums.

And still, many users claim that Microsoft’s latest patches make no difference and Wi-Fi connectivity bugs still block them from accessing the network with their Surface.

“We've clearly reported that the issue persists even after installing the latest updates. What is the KB number of the update you're referring to? I'll double check that it got pushed to me. I've actually had experienced the issue more frequently since Patch Tuesday. Please fix or at least let us know what the problem is. If it's a hardware issue I'd like to go get a replacement,” one of the affected users replied.

What’s more, some other Surface RT owners claim that Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday updates have actually caused limited connectivity issues on previously-unaffected devices.

“I NEVER had limited connectivity issues until this December update. How do I roll it back without having to do any kind of reset/refresh and hide the update?” Barb Bowman wrote.

Microsoft is yet to issue an official comment on this, but we’ve contacted the company and we’ll update this story when we get an answer.

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