Microsoft Changes Bing’s Results Page for the US

It presents a simpler, more accessible interface to US users

Bing is undergoing a variety of changes at the moment, with a new results page being currently rolled out to users in the United States.

The new Bing page is accessible only for users in this country at the moment, and features a stripped down design, as can be seen in the screenshot to the left.

As part of these visual changes brought to the search engine, we can count a thin slice of the home page image, offering a much thinner view than before.

Moreover, the navigation bar is simpler, while the related searches and ads have been moved to the right of search results list. The tabbed header is gone now.

As rightfully notes, the Bing search results page also sports a lot of white space not, similar to what Google’s Plus social networking destination does.

Moreover, it appears that the navigation bar has been redesigned to change contextually based on the performed searches.

The Bing homepage itself does not show signs of change, although Microsoft is expected to bring it in line with the Metro UI on Windows 8 and other products.

In fact, the results page appears to have been modified specifically to fit the new interface approach that the Redmond-based company is widely adopting across its portfolio.

For the time being, Microsoft hasn’t provided an official announcement on these changes, though it is expected to make the move soon enough.

While only US users can now benefit from the retrofitted Bing search results page, chances are that more of them will get the change to taste it soon, and that specific details on the idea behind these modifications will be provided at that time.

At the moment, users outside the US who would like to access the new interface would simply have to change their location from the upper right corner of the page.

Update: The Bing Search Team notes in a recent blog post that these changes also include a larger Bing homepage image, along with performance improvements for the search engine:

The new experience is more than skin-deep. You will also notice faster page-load times and improved relevance under the hood. After all, our goal is to help people spend less time searching and more time doing. And changing how we look is the next big step in doing just that.


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