Microsoft Builds Factory to Produce Surface Tablets – Report

The company reportedly built a factory in China to make the upcoming Surface

With all Surface rumors that have been swirling around, the only thing we’re missing is the price tag, but Microsoft is apparently focused on a totally different topic these days.

WMPoweruser reports that Microsoft has built its very own factory in China to produce the upcoming Surface tablet, but details remain very scarce on this matter.

Citing “a source close to Microsoft employees familiar with the matter,” the self-proclaimed “largest independent Windows Phone community” writes that the new factory “is huge” and may also produce several other devices planned by the Redmond-based firm.

The Surface tablet will go live on October 25 in New York, during the same press event that will bring us the final version of Windows 8.

Rumor has it that Microsoft is also pondering the creation of a Surface-branded smartphone that could see daylight sometime next year.

The device would be powered by the same Windows 8 operating system and would integrate the latest services developed by Microsoft, including the just-launched Xbox Music.

Pricing information for the Surface tablet is yet to be unveiled though, but analysts are pointing out that Microsoft’s device could be sold for about the same price as Apple’s very own iPad.

Surprisingly, Apple gets ready to put the party crasher hat on, as it plans to release its new iPad mini three days ahead of the Surface.

The report is yet to be confirmed by the Cupertino-based iPhone creator, but sources familiar with the matter suggest that the iPad mini could be released as soon as October 23 during an invitation-only event.

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