Microsoft Bans Windows 8 Complaints Application

The so-called Windows 8 Complaints app has disappeared from the Store

The Windows Store is growing up pretty fast and although Microsoft has previously said that it keeps an eye on the quality of the available apps, there still are some tools that do not please the company at all.

The Windows 8 Complaints app for example was a software solution that allowed users to “complain” about Microsoft’s new operating system and read other users’ complaints.

The Redmond-based technology company has decided to remove the app from the store, even though a spokesperson initially told Neowin that it “follows certification policies,” so there was no reason to remove it.

The listing has been removed completely, but a cached version of the page is still available. Here’s what the app description reads:

“Windows 8 Complaints app allows you to post your complaints and read/listen to the complaints of others. Whether you miss the start button or you don't like the color purple that they use, let it be known and listen to the thoughts of others to gain new ideas on why you don't like Windows 8.”

Microsoft hasn’t commented on this so far, but one thing is clear: Windows 8 is one of the most controversial products ever released by the software giant.

Of course, most Windows 8 adopters have used the Complaints app to emphasize the need for a Start button and to criticize the Metro UI.

Microsoft, on the other hand, has always replied that it’s only just a matter of time until everybody gets used to the new interface, emphasizing that this process doesn’t take more than approximately two weeks.

The company has no intention to bring back the Start button and sources familiar with the matter have hinted that Microsoft plans to stick to the Start Screen for the next Windows version too, due in mid-2013.

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