Microsoft Awarded No. 1 Global Workplace Accolade

By the Great Places to Work Institute who compared a number of multinationals

Microsoft is the top global company to work for, according to the Great Places to Work Institute.

The Institute put together a list with the first 25 best multinationals, and placed the Redmond company at the top.

With in excess of 90,000 employees around the world, the software giant has received a number of awards from the Great Places to Work Institute in the past, with the No. 1 Global Workplace accolade being just the latest.

“Being recognized as the number one global workplace by the Great Places to Work Institute is an honor. Our investments in our employees and the opportunities for them have not gone unnoticed. We are particularly proud of the work people get to do every day, and the impact we have on the world around us,” revealed Lisa Brummel, chief people officer, Microsoft.

Brummel made sure to also tackle the view that Microsoft’s size is impeding it from producing innovation. This is simply not the case, she argues.

“Some people say large companies aren’t nimble and can’t innovate. I beg to differ. At Microsoft, these are just the types of challenges that excite our employees and customers alike. I am extremely proud to be part of a company that is excited about changing, innovating and taking risks,” Brummel said.

SAS is runner up in the Great Places to Work Institute’s top 25 best multinationals, followed by NetApp, Google and FedEx. Cisco is in sixth place, above Marriott, McDonalds, Kimberly-Clark and Johnson.

Of course, some of the almost 100,000 employees might disagree with the view of the Great Places to Work Institute, as there have been Microsoft critics, even from inside, and former workers displeased with the experience the software giant offered them.

“All said, we have accomplished a great deal, but there is more to do. Microsoft is a great community, and the voice of the employee will continue to drive us forward. Today, we’ll celebrate being the number one best global company to work for,” Brummel added.

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