Microsoft Anti-Android Twitter Campaign Stirs Up Windows Criticism

Microsoft’s very own #DroidRage turns into #WindowsRage

Microsoft surely didn’t see this coming. The company yesterday debuted a new #DroidRage campaign, encouraging Twitter users to share their Android malware horror stories, but this unfair attempt, as some used to call it, has quickly turned against the Redmond-based software giant.

Many Twitter users have actually posted #WindowsRage messages, trying to demonstrate that Microsoft’s products are actually much worse than Android and the other devices they’re trying to attack.

“Perhaps the campaign failed when it offered a #WindowsPhone as a prize, nobody wants them, even as prizes, they want real phones,” one user commented on Twitter.

“Yeah, replace two clicks to sleep a PC with swipe and 3 clicks. On Android - one button click. Way to go, Microsoft!” another one added.

Although this campaign backfired pretty quickly, Microsoft is still struggling to show everyone in the industry that its new products, which include Windows 8, the Surface tablet and Windows Phone 8 are among the top choices in their particular industry sectors.

Meanwhile, the company also continues its anti-Google effort, trying to emphasize that Google’s Shopping service is actually serving users ads instead of relevant search results.

“How did Google respond? They distributed a statement praising their service. They highlighted how great products look on Google Shopping without really explaining how the products get there in the first place. They did not contradict or argue any of the facts and information we laid out. The silence is disappointing given how important this issue is to consumers and the online industry as a whole,” Microsoft said in a blog post.

And still, users are yet to find Microsoft’s anti-Google campaign a fair strategy to attract more users and continue to badmouth the company on Twitter as part of the #WindowsRage fiasco.

“When you don't look good, you don't laugh at others being ugly. Especially when the other guy actually looks better,” one Twitter user posted.

Update: here are the ten best tweets on #WindowsRage.

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