Microsoft Announces Windows Phone Next App Star Contest

Winners will have apps featured in the next Windows Phone TV ad

On Monday, Redmond-based software giant Microsoft has announced the launch of a new contest for developers of applications for the Windows Phone platform, called Next App Star.

Through this competition, Microsoft provides app developers with the possibility to have their software featured in the next Windows Phone video ad.

The new contest has been opened to developers all around the world, and it simply requires devs to opt in through the official developer portal.

“To help your apps get more visibility with more customers, today we are launching a new contest with a very special top prize – featured placement of your app in a Windows Phone prime-time TV ad in the U.S.,” Microsoft, Todd Brix explains in a recent blog post.

“The contest is called Windows Phone Next App Star, and it is open to Windows Phone developers worldwide. It’s easy to participate; registered developers can just visit Dev Center to opt-in by March 5th, and we’ll enter your catalog of published apps in the competition.”

Developers who haven’t published an application in the Windows Phone Store as of yet but would still like to participate are invited to sign up for the contest now and have their applications published in the software portal by March 5.

Microsoft notes that the app will need to be already live in the Windows Phone Store by March 5 to qualify.

“We will judge the app submissions for the contest based on an equal weighting of user ratings and app quality, including your implementation of new Windows Phone 8 features, like Live Tiles,” Todd Brix explains.

“We’ll narrow the field to 64 entries to participate in a head-to-head, bracket-style competition with public voting. Over the next several weeks of voting the field of 64 will be narrowed to 32, 16, 8, 4, 2, and finally the grand prize winner.”

Various prizes will be offered along the way, so as to encourage as many developers as possible to participate in the competition.

According to the company, the developers of the aforementioned 64 apps will receive thousands of dollars in prizes, including a Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone and a one-year free Dev Center subscription.

“The last app standing will win the Next App Star challenge and the grand prize of placement in one of our Windows Phone primetime TV advertisements in the U.S., bringing national exposure and a lot of buzz to one developer’s creation,” Brix continues.

Additional info on the matter can be found on said post on Microsoft’s official Windows Phone Developer Blog, as well as in the video embedded below, featuring Channel 9’s Laura Foy.

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