Microsoft Announces New Black Friday Deals for Surface Tablets

The company says that this is the right moment to buy a Surface

As we told you not a long time ago, Microsoft is selling the Surface RT for no less than $199 (€147) on Black Friday, most likely in an attempt to clear out inventories of the first-generation model and focus on the revamped unit launched in October.

But just like expected, Microsoft won’t be the only one offering huge discounts for the Surface RT, as several other partners across the United States have also announced price cuts for the device.

Best Buy, for example, will also sell the Surface for $199 (€147), while WalMart will offer the 64 GB version of the tablet plus a black Touch Cover for $249 (€185).

If you’re planning to go visit Staples on Black Friday, you’re going to find a Surface 32 GB with a black Touch Cover for $249 (€185) too, Microsoft said.

Here are all Black Friday deals for the Surface RT, as provided by Microsoft:

Microsoft Stores: On 11/27 at 9:00pm PT you can get Surface starting at just $199 (€147)! Free shipping is included. This deal will be available through 12/2 in Microsoft Stores and online.

Best Buy: On 11/29 at 12:01am PST Surface starting at $199 (€147).

WalMart: Surface 64GB with a black Touch Cover will be starting at $249 (€185).

Staples: On 11/28 at 8pm PST Surface 32GB with a black Touch Cover will be available at Staples starting at just $249 (€185).

Of course, Redmond has used the occasion to praise the Surface RT, even though a revamped model is already up for grabs with upgraded hardware.

“Life is less complicated with once device that’s great for entertainment, for gaming, and for getting work done. Whether it’s studying for a college midterm with OneNote, staying ahead of e-mail and managing your calendar with Outlook, or relaxing at home catching up on your favorite TV shows with Xbox Video or Netflix, Surface is the single device that allows you to do all that and more,” the company said in a statement rolled out today.

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