Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework "Sample Browser" v2 CTP

Following the release of the Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework, the Redmond company began introducing updates to the resources available to developers, as initially promised.

The latest addition to the code sample gallery which is available for download completely free of charge is the "Sample Browser" v2.

Available as a Technical Preview, the Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework "Sample Browser" v2 brings to the table improvements related to search, indexing as well as a new user interface.

“With the new Sample Browser, we embrace the opportunity of reducing developers' efforts in searching for code samples, and making your sample browsing experience hassle free and enjoyable,” revealed Jialiang Ge, a former support engineer 2 with Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) Community Support now the program manager for the Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework.

Developers can download Sample Browser 2 CTP via the page for Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework on the CodePlex website.

According to Ge, there are a total of three important features introduced with the technical Preview of Sample Browser 2.

“1. Flash code sample full-text search - Similar to web search engines, the Sample Browser performs flash full-text search among thousands of code files and documentations to locate your wanted code sample.

2. Easy and free sample index - Whether you want to list all VC# code samples, or all ASP.NET code samples, or all VC# ASP.NET code samples, or any other random combination, you are always able to see your expected sample index with several simple clicks in the Language and Technology selections.

3. A new black UI dotted with light golden colors - Developers' life is not easy. In the developers' day-and-night hard-work, we hope that a Sample Browser application with neat user interface could give them some enjoyable experience and fun,” Ge said.

One of the best things about Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework "Sample Browser" v2 CTP is that devs will not need to deal with the installation of the resource, but will instead be able to launch it by double clicking the SampleBrowser.exe file in the root folder.

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