Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework Free, Centralized Code Sample Library

The All-In-One Code Framework can be instrumental in the evolution to next-level, example-centric coding for developers.

Microsoft offers a wide variety of resources to make the lives of developers easier, and this code library is an illustrative example in this regard.

With the All-In-One Code Framework devs can access a centralized code sample gallery from the Redmond company, free of charge.

Put together as somewhat of a list of “answers” to the FAQ of programing, the framework is one of the most successful projects hosted on CodePlex.

In fact, the All-In-One Code Framework was already downloaded in excess of 300,000 making it one of the top 3 projects housed on the software giant’s open source project hosting hub.

The need for the framework became apparent to Jialiang Ge, a former support engineer 2 with Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) Community Support now the program manager for the project, when he notices that support engineers were working to answer questions from developers that were essentially repeating over and over again.

“If our engineers duplicate the efforts to research each of them, it will not only waste the customers' time, but also our engineers' efforts,” Ge explained.

“We thought, ‘Why don't we write code samples based on these frequently asked programming tasks, put those code samples in an all-in-one code sample solution, and allow customers to download it for free?’”

The Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework has grown to include over 500 code samples for a variety of the company’s products including Azure, Windows 7, ASP.NET, and Silverlight.

The company is committed not only to delivering a centralized code library, but also making sure that the quality of the resources is extremely high.

In addition, Microsoft is also working to expand the framework. In November 2010 a new code sample request service was introduced, allowing developers to request samples which would be delivered to them free of charge.

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