Microsoft Admits That “Some” Users Are Disappointed with Windows 8

Most of the consumers do not agree with the changes brought by Microsoft’s new OS

Even though Windows 8 continues to increase its market share, which is an obvious sign that more users are finally making the move to the new operating system, it remains a pretty controversial product, especially because of the GUI changes that it brings to a traditional working environment.

The lack of a Start button, the Metro interface and the addition of new features such as the Charms make Windows 8 a very difficult to use operating system, some people said while also asking for major updates as soon as possible.

Frank Shaw, Microsoft’s communications chief, admitted in an interview with TechRadar that some users had complained about Windows 8, citing the aforementioned UI changes as the main reasons.

“It is a significant shift. Windows over time has improved in really significant ways; Windows 8 is a jump in terms of the touch-first focus and some of the new platform elements. So you make that jump and you start that drive again to make it better, make it better, make it better… More apps, more hardware, more functionality built in,” he said.

It’s all just a matter of time before everybody gets used to Windows 8, Shaw suggested, especially because this new operating system is a platform that’ll continue to be significantly improved in the upcoming years.

He refused to comment, however, on the possibility to see a new Windows iteration at a very low price as soon as this summer.

“But there's always this moment when you make the jump and everybody looks at that and says 'that makes me nervous' or 'that change is hard'. We certainly see some of that as well. But we're committed to building not just for the next month but for the next 18 months, 36 months - whatever the time is on this new platform.”

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