Microsoft's Windows Live Hotmail Is Cool, Yahoo Mail and Gmail Are Not!


Microsoft is experimenting with the coolness level of Windows Live Hotmail, in the perpetual search to gain the edge over competitive services from Internet rivals Yahoo and Google. Well, it's either this or, the Redmond company is really playing it cool... Either way, the perspective is that is by no means a valid domain for some users. This is why Microsoft has taken it one step further, and introduced But don't think for a minute that you will be getting an email address ending with This is not the point.

Microsoft is merely aiming to provide users with a service to allow them extensive personalization of their e-mail addresses. The only downside to the CoolHotmail at this point is the fact that it is tailorfitted on Indian users. This small detail is bound to change in the future, as Samir Saraiya, product head for Windows Live Services at Microsoft India revealed. Saraiya stated that, following the introduction of the service, CoolHotmail will be made available on additional markets around the world.

"Whether you call Bombay your home, or Bangalore, get cool e-mail IDs as proof of residence! Hrithik, SRK, Dravid, Sachin, Ash, Surya. Who is your favourite star? Exclusive e-mail IDs created for the top icons! Are you hot? Or would you rather call yourself cool? Find an e-mail ID that describes your personality right here! Sport, food, drink and lots of fun! IDs for all occasions. How many of these funky e-mail IDs have you got? You're in a class of your own, individuality is your key. It's all about being you, in your own space. It's about your e-mail ID", Microsoft revealed.

CoolHotmail will permit Windows Live Hotmail users to choose a custom email address name based on their town of residence, on their favorite star, on a self description, on a preferred food or drink, or based on a sheer egocentric view. The address is a valid Windows Live ID, and possessors will be able to use the company's instant messaging client as well as additional services with their cool email.

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