Microsoft's Cloud Operating System

Windows Live Core

Through Microsoft's cloud operating system, the company aims to turn the Windows platform into an Internet Service. Windows Live Core is the division responsible for the development of Microsoft's cloud operating system. Following a Software as a Service strategy, Windows Live Core is Microsoft's next generation of the Live services platform and the company's cloud OS.

In order to understand Windows Live Core, you have to think of the Windows operating system in terms of a set of features. Microsoft aims to take part in the collection of features that builds Windows and locate them in the Internet cloud instead of on the users' desktops. The final version of Windows live Core will comprise a desktop component that installs locally on the users' PCs and a set of online features that can be accessed via the Internet.

Windows Live Core is in essence the evolution of the Live services platform, a "cloud-based platform services that will allow the creation of compelling applications that make deep use of network-based information," according to Microsoft.

The backbone for Windows Live Core will be the Redmond Company's datacenters. Microsoft's cloud OS is a high scale services platform under the Live and Windows brand umbrellas that will be intimately connected to the company's server farms.

LiveSide revealed that a number of top Microsoft developers and architects have joined Microsoft's Chief Software Architect "Ray Ozzie to focus on next generation cloud services; to build an higly efficient computing fabric for Microsoft data centers and a services platform for agile development of high-quality cloud services."

Amitabh Srivastava is a Corporate Vice President of the Windows Live Core and a Microsoft Technical Fellow. Srivastava's current efforts are focused on efficiently developing next generation cloud services.

David Treadwell recently joined the Windows Live Core effort where he will work on defining and implementing the next-generation Live services platform.

James Hamilton - an Architect on the Windows Live Core team interested in multi-tenant hosted systems, the management of very large scale systems, massively parallel data management systems, database security, and unstructured data management.

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