Micron's P410m, a New SAS Solid-State Drive

It is made for mission-critical tier 1 storage applications

There was a time when solid-state drives would not have even been considered viable for large-scale data storage applications, but things have changed so much that Micron has released an SSD made just for such things.

The reason solid-state drives were not seen as very good for data centers and mission-critical applications was the short lifespan.

Things aren't what they were a few years ago though. Micron is confident that the P410m SSD can be a great asset to mission-critical tier 1 storage applications, even though they require 24/7 data access.

SAS was chosen because it has a dual-port interface and, thus, lets two simultaneous links be established over the 6 Gbps interface.

The XPERT architecture is the important thing though, as it ensures not just high performance but great life span and data integrity as well.

"With this introduction, Micron has one of the most comprehensive lines of enterprise-focused SSDs-we have solutions for every interface and usage model," said Ed Doller, VP and general manager of Micron's Enterprise SSD division.

"The P410m gives our customers a reliable SAS SSD that delivers high performance and data assurance at a competitive price point."

Micron already has a customer for the P410m SAS SSDs in EMC.

"EMC is pleased to be qualifying the new Micron P410m for future delivery to EMC customers," said Tim Smith, vice president, EMC Global Product Operations.

For anyone wishing to know more about the XPERT technology, it gives Micron's SSDs four main advantages: high endurance (10 drive fills per day for five years), superior data protection (including onboard power loss protection), consistent low latencies (ensures the high speed data access), and low power (compared to HDDs at least).

Since this is an enterprise/industrial product line, Micron did not provide pricing and availability details. There is a data sheet though.


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