Michigan Woman Has Worked at the Same KFC Location for 52 Years

Marylou Ausborne is one of the franchise’s longest-serving employees

Most people don't like their jobs – it's a proven fact of life. They wake up in the morning wishing they didn't have to go to work, but for different reasons, they have no other choice. However, there are people who love their professions and try to make the most of every workday. They smile, they are courteous, and even get a lot of tasks done during work hours.

People who fall into the second category are called dedicated employees. Marylou Ausborne, who served up 52 years at KFC, is definitely a dedicated employee, as she still goes to work with a smile on her face and has always attended customers with pleasure.

The 80-year-old woman, from Michigan, has been working at the same KFC restaurant since 1962, and she is still an employee of the fast food chain.

Marylou says she would be bored at home if she retired, so she keeps working. At one point in her life, she was a manager at the restaurant, but opted to go back to serving customers for better hours. However, she doesn't seem to have retirement plans just yet, and no one is pressuring her into making that decision.

“What would I do at home? It's great here. I went to school in Kentucky for Kentucky Fried Chicken. I like being here. I like the people. I like the customers and it’s a very good job,” the woman said, according to My Fox Detroit.

Given that Ausborne is one of the franchise’s longest-serving employees, she even got to meet KFC's founder, Colonel Sanders himself, and she describes him as a “wonderful man who never drank or smoked and was just great.” The elderly woman even has a photo with Sanders, who died in 1980, and would have turned 124 this year.

When asked if customers know and love Ausborne, her boss at the KFC location on 10 Mile Road in Southfield, Michigan, responded, “Yes they do. She works the cash register.”

The franchise’s manager, Grant White, praised her for her hard work and described her with the same words she initially used to describe the Colonel.

White also mentioned that the fast-food chain recognized Ausborne's loyal service to KFC by giving her a plaque and a dinner at a local restaurant.

Matylou's daughter, Marian, has fallowed her footsteps as she has been working at the same restaurant as her mother for 34 years now.

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