Michigan Rolls Out Tougher than Tough Dog Fighting Laws

Those prosecuted and sentenced face 20 years in jail, fines of up to $100,000

The state of Michigan can now take pride in being the country's strictest when it comes to making sure animals have their rights respected and that no dogs are forced to fight one another for the sole purpose of human entertainment.

This is because its latest dog fighting legislation, signed into law by Gov. Rick Snyder, is by far the country's toughest.

Up until now, the legal consequences faced by those accused and found guilty of having organized illegal dog fights in this part of the US resumed to 4 years of jail time and/or fines of $50,000 (€38,072) maximum.

However, the new legislation states that people who engage in dog fighting-related activities can be made to spend as many as 20 years in jail, and that fines can amount to $100,000 (€76,145).

Dog Heirs quotes Sen. Rick Jones, who offered his full support to the implementation of these new laws concerning animal abuse and animal cruelty, and who stated as follows:

“Michigan is not a good place to bring dogfighting: 20 years in prison, $100,000 fine, lose your house, your barn, your property, cars, anything involved with this crime.”

“It's sweeping legislation that has been noticed nationwide as a real example of getting tough on a terrible blood sport, where you have dogs torn apart for gambling and profit,” Sen. Rick Jones went on to add.

The same sources explain that the ongoing efforts to put an end to illegal dog fighting activities also have a lot to do with the need to curb illegal gambling, promote better gun control and keep drugs off the street.

As police officers and local officials explains, it often happens that the people who organize dog fights are also involved in one or more (if not all) of the three aforementioned illegal activities, which is why dealing with the first issue also helps deal with the last one.

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