Michelle Obama to Divorce Barack Obama After Presidential Run Is Over

The Obama marriage is in serious trouble after his infidelity, says report

First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama turned 50 the other day and is probably preparing for a weekend of celebrations to mark this milestone. Once that’s out of the way, she will be gearing up for divorce, according to a new report.

The Obama marriage has been in trouble for a very long time and it’s all down to Mr. Barack Obama’s wandering eye, insiders close to the Presidential family reveal to The National Enquirer in its latest edition.

Just recently, Ms. Obama found out that Secret Services had covered up for Barack’s infidelities at least a couple of times, which is why she’s finally decided to pull the plug on the marriage, the report says.

The White House has refused to comment on the allegations but, even so, considering their source, perhaps they’re best taken with a grain of salt.

As per unnamed tipsters, the Obamas have been having problems for some time so Barack thought a family trip to Hawaii would make things alright again. It didn’t; if anything, it only made them worse because he returned to Washington DC with the girls and Michelle was left behind, not yet ready to go back to regular life and all its problems.

It is then that she started to be fed information about his alleged missteps.

“Some of the president’s most loyal supporters were absolutely sickened by his behavior at the Mandela event. They decided to pass secrets to Mi­chelle while she was in Hawaii, and she picked up some very incriminating information, including the fact that the Secret Service has been covering up the president’s cheating,” one source says.

“She learned that Barack was caught with a woman in an incident that, in the words of one mole, was ‘hushed up.’ Besides that, a Secret Service agent also saw the president ‘in a compromising position’ with another woman while Michelle was out of town,” adds the tipster.

Enraged, Ms. Obama went to Washington to confront her husband and, even though he denied there was any truth to the claims, she is convinced that he’s lying to her. She is no longer willing to fight for the marriage or condone this type of behavior on his part anymore.

“Michelle has had enough and declared, ‘I want out!’ Michelle’s now left to contemplate the sad reality of her situation. For the sake of her husband’s presidency, she’s going to have to stand by her man until his second term ends in 2016. But for all intents and purposes, their marriage is already over,” the tipster shares.

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