Michelle Obama’s Spending Is Out of Control, Criticized

First Lady Michelle Obama was first criticized for her fashion choices – now it’s her spending, which is reportedly out of control, that’s come under serious fire because it sends a wrong message to the electorate.

The US economy is still pretty much down from recession and almost 15 million people can’t find a job, the National Enquirer writes; but that’s not stopping Mrs. Obama from spending money like she just won the lottery.

Just recently, the First Lady and some of her girlfriends went to Spain where, for no more than 5 days, they spent about half a million dollars – all on the taxpayers’ tab.

Moreover, Mrs. Obama is also considering doing some home redecoration to the White House and their home in Chicago, which could clock in at over $2 million.

Though part of this money doesn’t come from taxpayers, the Enquirer writes, White House advisors are terrified at the kind of message this kind of spending could send to the electorate, especially in a context in which Obama is thinking of running again for President.

“The president’s advisers hit the roof recently when they found out Michelle was arranging other ex­otic trips in the new year with girlfriends – on top of sprucing up their White House living quarters and her plans to do some redecorating at their home back in Chicago,” says a “top Washington source.”

“They’ve estimated that all the spending will top more than $2 million!” the same spy reveals.

Advisors are already telling the President that he must get his wife’s spending “under control,” the same tab informs, otherwise he’ll be jeopardizing his position in the re-elections.

“Michelle was behind the redesign of her husband’s office, but the last thing he needs is an electorate thinking she’s living it up like a lottery winner,” the same insider shares.

“They’ll flip if she takes more exotic vacations – and they won’t care if renovations to the White House liv­ing quarters and their house back in Chicago are done by benefactors. It still sends the wrong message,” the spy explains.

Aside from her love of exotic destinations, Mrs. Obama also “loves top-dollar designer duds and hosting fancy dinner parties,” another spy reveals for the same publication.

“The bad economy seems to have no effect on her,” the report further reads.

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