Michelle Obama, Jimmy Fallon and Will Ferrell Do “Ew!” Skit – Video

First Lady of the US promotes healthy eating, regular exercises on The Tonight Show

Jimmy Fallon continues to impress with his A-list guests on The Tonight Show, which he just took over from Jay Leno: the other night, he brought back the “Ew!” skit, inviting First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama and actor Will Ferrell to be a part of it.

You can see it in full above.

While this isn’t my cup of tea as far as humoristic sketches go, credit must be given where it’s due: Ms. Obama is doing a very fine job in stressing the importance of healthy eating and regular exercise whenever she gets the chance.

Her appearance on the show is part of her long-standing campaign to fight childhood obesity, so perhaps it’s only fitting that she gets to chat with two little girls, Sara and Stacy, on the topic.

So, over the course of 6 minutes, she makes them understand that dancing can also be exercising and, more importantly, that daily exercise is very important and doesn’t necessarily have to mean something unbearable. She also gets them to try out kale chips in favor of regular potato chips, and offers more details on the benefits of the former.

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