Michaele Salahi to Wed on Air, in TV Special

Controversial “celebrity” and rocker Neal Schon are weighing their options

Michaele Salahi is ready to walk down the aisle again. She’s been making wedding plans since rocker Neal Schon proposed to her last October and one, very tempting option is that of having the nuptials take place on air.

That’s right, if Kim Kardashian and other, very popular reality stars can do it, so can Salahi.

“Several networks have approached the former ‘Real Housewives of D.C.’ cast member and her fiancé, Journey guitarist Neal Schon, to air their nuptials for the world to witness,” OMG Yahoo! reports, citing sources close to the couple.

The same spies note that the two will most definitely do it, even if, for the time being, they’re still playing it coy for the press.

“We talk about it a lot and say while the offers are tempting, we think it's best to protect our love from reality TV,” Schon says.

“[It’s] something we are sorting out now. How much to share if at all?” Salahi chimes in.

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