Michael Schumacher Rushed to Hospital for “Relatively Severe” Head Injury While Skiing

Retired race car driver was vacationing in the French Alps, at his own chalet

Formula 1 icon, retired race car driver Michael Schumacher was rushed to the hospital after suffering a head injury while skiing in the French Alps this morning, it has emerged. His exact condition is yet unknown, but reports indicate that the injury was “relatively severe.”

The New York Daily News, citing reports in the French media, indicates that Schumacher was out skiing with a friend. He fell and hit a rock but, fortunately, he was wearing his helmet when this happened.

An ambulance was called to the scene and he was taken to a nearby trauma hospital, with doctors there refusing to comment when contacted by the press.

“The status of his injury has yet to be announced but he was wearing a helmet when he fell and hit a rock. The legendary driver and ski enthusiast was conscious when taken to Grenoble Hospital, according to RMC,” the publication says.

A spokesperson for the hospital did say though that a statement would be released after Schumacher’s exact condition was determined, which should mean it would be out in a few hours’ time.

Meanwhile, his manager Sabine Kehm is speaking to the media to prevent any unwanted rumors from spreading, which usually happens in such unfortunate situations. Kehm says the driver was on vacation at his own chalet in the French Alps, and that he was involved in an accident that saw him “[fall] on his head.”

“We ask for understanding that we cannot give running updates on his condition. He wore a helmet and was not alone,” Kehm adds, refusing to add further details.

According to other reports, Schumacher was conscious when he was taken to the hospital and that, though shocked, he seemed relatively ok.

Schumacher is married and has two children. The family is yet to issue any statement regarding his condition.

We will keep you posted with details on the accident, so stay tuned here.

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