Michael Jordan Banned from Golf Club for Wearing Cargo Pants

Basketball star violates dress code, consequently gets the boot

Few would want to willingly dissociate themselves from Michael Jordan but the owners of an exclusive Miami golf club are definitely among them. The basketball legend has just been banned from the club, it has emerged.

Before you imagine some sort of violent scenario that might have resulted in his dismissal from the club, don’t: it was nothing as serious as that.

In fact, it all came down to a pair of pants – well, actually two, the one Jordon was wearing and refusing to change out of, and the one he should have changed into.

Indeed, the sports legend violated the club’s dress code and got the boot in return, The Hollywood Gossip reports.

“Playing with a member at La Gorce Country Club, Jordan defied a dress code by wearing cargo (multi-pocketed pants) and denied requests to change out of them,” the celebrity e-zine says.

“The greatest basketball player ever was asked to adhere to club attire – Bermuda shorts – during the round, but continued to play in pants, and was told to leave,” notes the same media outlet.

The ban was issued on the spot, with a spokesperson for the golf club making sure to tell the press that Jordan, as much of a legend as he is, “will not be invited back.”

As was to be expected, the story immediately blew up online, with various media outlets and regular people taking to social media to joke on Jordan’s mishap.

GQ, for one, is using the opportunity to have a laugh and, at the same time, remind the world that this is, after all, “the worst dressed man in the universe.”

In fact, “Michael Jordan's style: so bad, it gets him kicked out of places,” the publication writes. It also suggests this could be a wake-up call for Michael.

“We love you Michael Jordan, but it may be time for a style intervention,” it writes.

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