Michael Jackson Hands Kids over to Sister Janet

The singer’s condition is only getting worse

Michael Jackson is reportedly suffering from a very severe form of infection that is proving resistant to antibiotics, thus taking over his entire body. Because his condition is only getting worse, he has made plans to have his three children handed over to his sister, Janet Jackson, who will make sure they grow up away from the spotlight, a pal close to the singer tells The National Enquirer.

This comes on the heels of a bunch of conflicting reports, which have it either that Michael’s condition is only getting worse or, oppositely, that he is preparing for a string of live concerts this summer at London’s O2 Arena. The tabloid claims, citing unnamed but reportedly reliable sources, that Michael has already spoken to Janet about adopting Prince Michael, Paris and Prince Michael II, and that she has agreed to do it.

“Michael feels the end is near. He’s terrified that if he dies, his children will end up with his aging parents or his brothers. He knows that Janet will give his kids a mother’s love and see that they grow up away from the showbiz spotlight.” the so-called family friend tells the tabloid. “Michael is in bad shape. He has respiratory problems, heart palpitations, is losing weight rapidly and now he is worried that he may have contracted a killer flesh-eating disease. He has begged Janet to look after the kids.” the spy adds.

Michael Jackson has chosen Janet as the one to take care of his children once he’s no longer here because he doesn’t want them to grow up with his aging parents or his many siblings. Moreover, it is being pointed out, he wants the three kids to be raised away from the spotlight and, in this sense, there is no better person than Janet to do it, as she herself is barely seen in public when she really doesn’t want to be.

As for the singer’s health, the same pal reveals for The National Enquirer that his condition is getting worse with each day, despite the many efforts of the doctors. “He’s been visiting a Beverly Hills clinic receiving antibiotics through an intravenous drip. Michael has trouble walking and often has to use a wheelchair, and spends most of his days in bed, at the doctor’s office or in the bathroom.” the insider explains. Michael Jackson reportedly contracted the infection as he was having surgery on his nose, and it has now spread to most of his face and hands.

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