Michael Dell Wants Controlling Stake in Soon-to-Be-Private Dell Bloomberg

He might end up paying for most of the company shares from his own private stash

Michael Dell feels that Dell isn't doing well because it is stretched thin trying to satisfy shareholder desires.

About two weeks ago, it came out that the man wanted Dell to go private, so that it might be easier to control by the leader, and hopefully easier to make grow.

Now, Bloomberg says that the company founder, who already has a 16% stake in the corporation, might buy enough to secure majority control from his own funds.

That means he would have to spend between $500 and $1 billion (368 million-740 million Euro).

Debt and maybe even more of his cash would have to finance the rest of the buyout and complete Dell's withdrawal from the public stock market.

As we said here, Dell's profit has been falling fast, hence the drastic measures.

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