Michael C. Hall Goes Back to Work, Looks Very Healthy

Actor seems to have recovered from cancer battle completely

At the beginning of the year, “Dexter” star Michael C. Hall announced that he’d been diagnosed with cancer but that odds were looking good for him and doctors were hoping for a speedy recovery for him. After a while of looking drawn and losing his hair, the star is now back to work and, as Radar Online can confirm, he’s looking like his old self again.

Moreover, Hall is working again, though, to the disappointment of “Dexter” fans, it’s not on the incredibly popular and often controversial show where he plays a serial killer. The star has been pictured on the set of “East Fifth Bliss,” a comedy slash drama that will presumably arrive in theaters sometime this year. Useless to say, as pictures can indeed speak louder than a thousand words, he’s looking good again, having regained the weight he lost and sporting what looked like his trademark red hair that he lost to chemo. The hair was just a wig, though.

“Michael C Hall has been bravely battling Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and it looks like he is definitely winning the fight. Radar Online is glad to be able to bring you the pictures that show the Dexter star looking hearty and healthy once again. Hall, who lost all his hair due to chemotherapy treatments, and appeared frail and sickly at the Golden Globe awards just months ago, was spotted on location as he returned to work Monday,” Radar writes.

“The actor was kitted out in a very convincing wig as he filmed scenes for his upcoming movie, East Fifth Bliss. Moviegoers will be in for a surprise, as the film is a comedy, a distinct change of pace from Michael C Hall’s Dexter character – who is a vicious, though moralistic, serial killer,” the same paparazzi agency writes. The role might be a surprise, but judging by the fans’ response to the new set of pictures, there is absolutely no doubt Michael C. Hall will deliver an impressive performance, as he always does.

Speaking of impressive performances, the fifth season of “Dexter” premieres in September this year, with Showtime saying it will pick up where the previous season left off. As we also reported a few months back, producers decided to kill off one of the main characters – see here for more on that, but only if you’ve seen the season 4 finale.

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