Michael Bay’s “Pain and Gain” Gets New Poster

The Rock and Mark Wahlberg are ripped, dead serious

One of director Michael Bay’s most mediated passion projects is “Pain and Gain,” which he wrapped some time ago and is now nearing official release. A new poster for it has emerged online and, as usual, you can see it in full above.

Based on a true story (a newspaper article, to be more exact) about two Miami bodybuilders who get into kidnapping and ransoming because they’re hard up for cash, the film stars Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Mark Wahlberg.

The movie is bound to get pretty nasty at one point, judging by the original story, when the two are dragged into a world where murder and torture are common occurrences.

The poster is pretty clean in this respect, showing just the two at the gym, flaunting their ripped bodies and doing their best “fierce gaze” pose.

“Pain and Gain” also stars Ed Harris, Rebel Wilson, Anthony Mackie and Ken Jeong, and will be out in April next year. It’s considered Bay’s most “serious” movie to date, by which we’re probably to understand it doesn’t include too many explosions.

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