Michael Bay Does Not “Apologize” for Any of the “Transformers” Movies

Director lashes out at lazy reporters, says he’s proud of all his films

Speaking with reporters the other day about “Transformers: Age of Extinction,” director Michael Bay said that it would be more “cinematic” and “less goofy” than the third installment in the franchise, which made it sound as if he was half-apologizing for it. He wasn’t, he says in a statement meant to set the record straight.

Bay might be one of the most derided directors in Hollywood (though he’s far from unsuccessful) but he’s not ashamed of the work he’d done so far. If anything, he’s immensely proud of it and, yes, that also includes all the “Transformers” movies.

So, he starts by saying that he’s realizing more and more each day that it simply isn’t worth it talking to reporters because they always twist his words and make him sound like something he’s not. To make matters even worse, once their pieces go online, he has to do lots of clarifying, so he’s pretty much wasting his time.

That out of the way, Bay goes on to explain exactly what he meant by the comparison between the fourth “Transformers” movie and the previous one.

“No I did not ‘apologize’ for any Transformers movies. I did not say I shot the last three movies ‘less cool’ than the new fourth installment. I was talking specifically about camera style and tone, of the first movie compared to how I shot the new installment with a very big scale, cinematic style,” Bay says.

“I was very specific in saying the first Transformers was shot in a ‘generic suburbia’ area, not trying to be cool with any cinematic flashes. I wanted it to feel like this could happen in any backyard in the United States,” he explains.

Speaking of the upcoming blockbuster, Bay says they’re done shooting and will be heading into the studio for all the editing and post-production work.

“It was an amazing experience, and I love the country. My cast was absolutely fantastic, and a very fun group to work with. We are working hard cutting the movie right now. I think the first piece comes out for the Super Bowl and a teaser right after that. And yes, I’m very excited about this new movie,” Bay says.

Earlier this year, Bay had to issue a statement to clarify several reports making the rounds claiming he had “apologized” for “Armageddon.” You guessed it, he didn’t do that either.

“Transformers: Age of Extinction” will be out in theaters in June 2014 and will reboot the franchise, in that it comes with an entirely different cast from the one in the first three flicks.

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