Mice Can Apparently Be Optimized for Windows 8

Elecom reveals four peripherals with multi-touch emulation

By on October 9th, 2012 14:13 GMT

We've heard of many pieces of software designed or optimized for a specific OS, and we also know of hardware advertised in a similar fashion, but hearing of Windows 8-optimized mice still left us a bit bemused.

Nevertheless, that is what Elecom Japan describes its four inventions as.

Called BL18UB series, M-BL19DB series, M-TG08UL series, and M-TG09DL series, they have a special button which, in combination with movement and other buttons, simulates multi-touch gestures.

This will presumably substitute for touchscreens on older-generation monitors, and most displays of today for that matter (touch support on regular monitors isn't quite common yet).

All four mice have 1600 DPI blue LED sensors, 2-way scroll wheels, six buttons (each) and, in the case of the M-BL19DB and M-TG09DL, 2.4 GHz wireless support as well.

Sales will begin around the middle of this month (October 2012), but the prices haven't been specified. All mice come in the color options revealed below.

Elecom Windows 8-optimized mice (4 Images)

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