Mexico’s Ministry of Defense Website Hacked by Anonymous

The hacktivists claim to have leaked 60 gigabytes of information

Anonymous hackers have breached and defaced the official website of Mexico’s Ministry of Defense ( They also claim to have stolen around 60 gigabytes of information, including emails and credit card details.

“Our struggle is for life, and the bad government offers death as a future. Our fight is for respect and for our right to govern and be governed, and the evil government imposes upon the majority the law of the minority. Our struggle is for freedom of thought and action, and the evil government makes prisons and tombs,” the hackers wrote on the defaced page.

“Our struggle is for justice, and the bad government is full of criminals and murderers . Our fight is for the history, and the bad government proposes oblivion. Our struggle is for the country, and the bad government dreams of the flag and the foreign language. Our struggle is for peace, and the bad government announces war and destruction.”

In the meantime, the hacktivists have revealed their intentions to target other government sites, including the ones of the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of War and Navy.

At the time of writing, the site of the Ministry of Defense was restored.

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